Women held demonstration prtesting against rape and torture throughout the country by miltias

Ghat, Libya: Women from southern Libya held a series of demonstrations  and protests against the kidnapping and rape cases and against girls and women the throughout country committed by various militias groups.

Recently sever videos have surfaced showing militias raping young girls in front of their mothers , and the mothers paling in vein to the rapists not to harm her daughter and telling them “you have daughters, sisters and mothers”. The rapists shown in the videos appeared to be laughing and worming the mother that they will hang her daughter.

The video surfaced after some of the rapists were caught and confessed to the rape.  Heads of some of the militias were among the rapists.

Similar protests and civil disobedience held in other towns nd cities across the country including the capitol Tripoli calling for instituting police force and army and dismantling all militias groups.

Currently there are at least 3 governments in the country in addition to other militia groups including ISIS that run their own affairs and are scattered throughout the country.

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